“Bread” by European Bakery is at 12 McBride Street, Frankton – right next to the Lifes A Grind coffee caravan and directly opposite Harbour Fish.

Our Shopfront

When this little spot came up on McBride Street we knew it was perfect for our own shopfront.  A place where locals could easily park and come and get their fresh bread, a bottle of milk – yes in a glass bottle,  fish from across the road and one of the best coffees in town from the coffee caravan.

We wanted the store to reflect the European roots of the bread and so we engaged Stephen & Kim from The Cusp to do the shop fit out. We knew this team would come up with something stunning to showcase our bread.  The Cusp created a very European-inspired look with a natural fit out of Euro Birch ply coupled with the black detailing.

From the outside the shop can easily be mistaken for a gallery, and when you step inside it really does look like a bread gallery with the beautiful display of our sourdough range, ciabattas and other traditional bread, but the smells of fresh baked bread, hand rolled bagels and authentic Berliners (aka doughnuts) says this begs something to be eaten not preserved!

The European customers say “it looks just like a bread shop back home, and the bread tastes just as good as home too!”. It is the highest compliment we could wish for – European inspired design, European Bread and European approval, after all, we are The European Bakery.

Photos by: Andy Brown Photography and Queenstown Life