Our Bread Collection

The taste, the crunch, the texture.

The driving force of our business – to skilfully create beautiful artisan breads using the finest ingredients,
bound together with traditional recipes and methods from Europe

Ciabatta Loaves

Italian style white bread.

Ideal for sandwiches or as a side with soup or salad.

Available in different shapes and sizes:


Ciabatta Twisted Loaf 900 grams

Ciabatta loaf with a twist.

900 grams

Dark Rye Loaf

Dark Rye Sourdough

Rich in flavour with dark roasted malt.

Available as: bread loaf, french stick, batard.

Fitness Loaf

Wholemeal flour base witch is fermented in a 24 hour traditional artisan way. Loaded with Pumpkin kernels, Sunflower seeds and a variety of soaked seeds and grains.

available as: bread loaf, small loaf.

Focaccia Flatbread

Focaccia flatbread topped with olives, capers, rock salt and a mix of different herbs.

available as: round and long flatbread or as whole sheet.

French Sticks

Traditional french stick with 24 hour fermented poolish.

available as: french stick, 1/2 french.

Fruit Sourdough Bread

Fruit Sourdough Loaf

Natural cultivated sourdough.


loaded with dried fruits and walnuts.

Fruit Sourdough Bread – Sliced

Our very popular loaf to compliment any cheese board or platter

or to enjoy as a sweet treat with butter ,jam or honey

Fruit Sourdough Loaf

Natural cultivated sourdough.


loaded with dried fruits, figs, apricots, dates, raisins and walnuts.

Italian Sourdough Loaf

White Sourdough loaf.

available as:

Bread loaf, 1/2 loaf and french stick.

Lebanese Flatbread

Lebanese Style Flatbread topped with mix of oriental spice, sesame, rock salt.

Available as: flat bread long or short.

Mini Garlic Loaves

Small pull apart loaf great as garlic loaf, topped with olive oil and mixed herbs.

Multigrain Sourdough Loaf

Multigrain Sourdough Loaf

with Natural cultivated Sourdough



Potato Loaf

Potato loaf with soft boiled potato in the dough and as topping.

Rye Sourdough loaf

A 100% pure sourdough loaf.

Traditional German style bread.

Available as: round or long shape

Bigger quantity must be ordered well ahead.

Sourdough Ciabatta 900 grams

A 100% Sourdough naturally fermented Ciabatta.

Available as: full loaf or 1/2 loaf long shape

Sourdough French

French Stick with added natural cultivated sourdough for a great taste and rustic look.

Sun dried Tomato Loaf

White bread base with sun dried tomato.

Turkish Kibitz Bread

Turkish flat bread with sesame sprinkled on top.

Available as: flatbread, Turkish sheet.

different toppings available: rock salt, mixed herbs.

Tuscany Flatbread

Soft Italian style flatbread

Walnut Sourdough Loaf

The walnut loaf i one of our 100% Sourdough range.

Available as: long shape loaf, round loaf or french stick.

White Loaf

The withe loaves are the traditional sandwiches loaf.

Best used for toasties or yummy cheese rolls.

Wholemeal Ciabatta Loaves – 900 grams

A seeded version of the ciabatta loaf with a mix of different type of flour.

available as: brad loaf, 1/2 loaf.

Wholemeal Loaf

The Wholemeal loaf is made out of different flours loaded with a mix of seeds.

available as:

bread loaf

XL Loaf

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