The Benefits of Sourdough Bread

Posted by brendan | January 11, 2017 | Health Foods

Nutritional advice from Kim Malcolm

When a Sourdough starter is used to ferment the flour over a of period of time, the complex carbohydrates in the flour get broken down into simple sugars meaning that the GI index is lower so the body absorbs the energy over a longer period.

The protein within the sourdough flour is broken down into 18 amino acids, which increases the nutrient density and makes it easier to digest.  Sourdough bread also gives you the benefits of vitamin B, zinc, iron, selenium and magnesium.

People with allergies to commercially made yeasted breads may not have the same sensitivities if they eat a naturally fermented sourdough bread. When wheat gluten is property fermented it becomes a lot more healthy for the system. When wheat bread is not properly fermented it can become one of the most allergenic foods we consume and perhaps a reason why so many people are now allergic to gluten… just a thought!