Individually handcrafted

“It’s not hard to make a great loaf of bread… the challenge is to make it great day after day”

The European Bakery Queenstown has been making great bread day after day,  and for 15 years we have delivered fresh bread to cafes, restaurants, hotels, caterers and retailers in Queenstown, Central Otago and now further south into Invercargill and Dunedin.

The Story

Behind the Bread

Started by Andre and Daniela Schneider who missed the old-world breads of their European roots saw the opportunity to bring bread made the old-fashioned way to Queenstown.  The old fashioned way – the way that takes time. Time for the bread to be kneaded and form, time to proof and rise, giving it the artisan crumb and crust European Bakery is known for.

When Peter Price and Amanda O’Donoghue took over the European Bakery in August 2019, they knew what they were taking on.  As long term fans of the European Bakery they were excited when it came onto the market.  The ethos spoke to them – that of producing a consistently high quality product,  building and developing a team of artisan bakers who can deliver this,  and continuing with the exceptional reputation the European Bakery has been known for.   With it came the responsibility of feeding and nourishing the sourdough dough culture that Andre developed 15 years ago.  The sourdough starter is possibly one of the oldest starters used in this scale in New Zealand, it is the heartbeat of the bakery and the creates the benchmark sourdough breads the bakery is known and loved for.

Peter and Amanda have a connection with Queenstown which dates back to the late ‘80s, the population was 5000, Wicked’s was one of the main watering holes and there were no traffic lights.   A lot has changed since then but their passion for this Queenstown hasn’t.  They have come and gone over the years with careers in hospitality and banking, however the appeal of Queenstown as a place to live and bring up their family ultimately bought them back to this place they call home.

For them it is a privilege to be the main supplier of fresh bread to cafes, restaurants and hotels in Queenstown Central Otago and some further afield. They do not take the challenge lightly and strive for the best possible product and customer service so they can support the quality and success of our local eateries.   When asked of their vision and strategy for the European Bakery they believe

“a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”.


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our sourdough family

Our fine family of sourdoughs are born out of our 15 year-old 100% naturally cultivated starter, feed and nurtured daily.

classic Italian ciabatta

Our classic Italian ciabatta and the seeded goodness of wholemeal ciabatta are products that deserve their highly regarded place in market.

from turkish to tuscan

No ordinary Turkish bread – our long ferments and double proofs coupled with the best flour makes for a premium light, pillowy, turkish bread.

the french connection

Traditional long fermented French dough made into the classic French Stick and other classic offerings.

grains and

No matter what your choice in this range you can be assured of a loaf full of flavour and premium ingredients.


Nothing says bread like the smell of a traditional loaf of crusty white bread being pulled from the oven.

burgers & buns

We take burger buns seriously, from the traditional flour top to the soft, buttery brioche and a few in between.


Made from an original German bretzel recipe, a slightly crisp outer followed by a  soft, chewy centre.


Our bagels are the best, soft but slightly chewy and full of flavour.  Although most famously known as the New York Bagel its origins are European.

speciality bread

When the season beacons for something special our bakery is filled with those distinct aromas that trigger the anticipation of the season ahead.

The story behind

our sourdough

Our exceptional family of sourdough bread is made from our inhouse 100% naturally cultivated sourdough starter.   The development of the starter, 15 years ago, was the birth of European Bakery Queenstown however the history and genetics are far deeper than this.  We are the caretakers of this vital living starter that makes our sourdough one of the best in the country and we take this role seriously.

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As a wholesale bakery, European Bakery Queenstown supplies a range of artisan bread throughout the lower South Island to cafes, restaurants, caterers, hotels and directly to the public through farmers markets and local retailers.  Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing our bread in a wholesale capacity for your eatery or to retail.

support local, live local, buy local