hand-crafted artisan bread, made fresh daily.

The European Bakery Queenstown has been making great bread day after day,  and for 15 years we have delivered fresh bread to cafes, restaurants, hotels, caterers and retailers in Queenstown, Central Otago and now further south into Invercargill and Dunedin.


Our fine family of sourdoughs are born out of our 15 year-old 100% naturally cultivated starter, feed and nurtured daily.  European Bakery sourdoughs have a distinct flavour and texture and we make a broad range of sourdough products from the crusty Italian sourdough to the hugely popular Multigrain, full of seeds and grains, dense in texture but not heavy to eat.  All of our sourdoughs are long fermented and helps break down the flour and releases its full nutrition. This process aids the nutrient dense characteristics of our German rye and dark rye sourdough yet remains soft in texture but rich in flavour.  Our outstanding walnut and fruit sourdoughs work equally well with sweet or savoury pairings.




classic Italian ciabatta

Our classic italian ciabatta and the seeded goodness of wholemeal ciabatta are products that deserve their highly regarded place in market.  The long ferment times and double proofs make for a lovely moist bread with nice blisters and bubbles, so typical for the genuine Ciabatta. Light rustic baked to enchance the flavour of this beautiful ciabatta.



from turkish to tuscan

No ordinary Turkish bread – our long ferments and double proofs coupled with the best flour makes for a premium light, pillowy, turkish bread.  It is mostly made into Turkish rolls and is a standout in the crowd of gourmet sandwiches.  Traditionally finished with egg wash and sesame seeds, however this versatile bread can be finished  a number of ways and our varietals include Tuscan herb, Lebanese mix, focaccia and plain

Flatbreads & Kibitz


the french connection

Traditional long fermented French dough made into the classic French Stick. It is also the base of other classic offerings such as Ficelle, mini French rolls and our highly regarded dinner rolls.




No matter what your choice in this range you can be assured of a loaf full of flavour and premium ingredients.Our most popular grain loaf is the fitness loaf , made of wholemeal flour, packed with pumpkin kernels, sunflower and other soaked seeds then 24 hour fermented to bring you a full flavoured nutritious bread.  Our multigrain sourdough is another stand out bread and a winner for the health conscious.  A mix of different flours, grains and seeds give this bread a well-balanced flavour. The high content of grains along with the naturally cultivated sourdough keeps the bread fresh and moist for several days



traditional loaves

Nothing says bread like the smell of a traditional loaf of crusty white bread being pulled from the oven. That memory of Sunday bread wrapped in wax paper longing to be broken into before it made its way home from the corner dairy.  This is what our traditional white & wholemeal loaves speak of, each lovingly handcut and crafted and baked in traditional tins best used as sandwich bread, for toasties or a long sliced loaf turned into the  classic Southland cheese roll.


Burger buns

We take burger buns seriously, from the traditional flour top to the soft, buttery brioche and a few in between.  The ever popular challah burger, newly crafted milk bun, edgy charcoal and colourful vegan turmeric bun are all part of our burger range.  Put your finely crafted sausages into a fresh torpedo roll and you have the ultimate hot dog ready to go.  Add to that our english muffins, paninis and mixed white rolls and we have all of your breakfast and brunch requirements sorted.

The Range


Made from an orginal German bretzel recipe, a slightly crisp outer followed by a  soft, chewy centre.  All individually handcrafted with a dash of salt, sesame or herbs and you have a delightful snack or roll option.  The original bretzel is often hand in hand with an ice cold beer.

The range


Our bagels are the best, soft but slightly chewy and full of flavour.  Although most famously known as the New York Bagel its origins are  European – “Polish bakers, in an effort to honour their victorious horse-riding king, made a stirrup-shaped roll and boiled it before baking”,  Jewish immigrants bought the bagel to New York and the rest is history.   Our handcrafted bagels are popular, our jalapeno & cheese variety are widely sort after and are set to make a history of their own.

The range


When the season beacons for something special our bakery is filled with those distinct aromas that trigger the anticipation of the season ahead.   At Easter it is hard to keep up with our incredibly popular Hot Cross buns made with the freshest spices and soaked fruit.  Panettone sets the Xmas season off, an indulgent Italian inspired Christmas bread.  Look out for new products here.

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As a wholesale bakery, European Bakery Queenstown supplies a range of artisan bread throughout the lower South Island to cafes, restaurants, caterers, hotels and directly to the public through farmers markets and local retailers.  Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing our bread in a wholesale capacity for your eatery or to retail.

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