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Our Sourdough


Our exceptional family of sourdough bread is made from our inhouse 100% naturally cultivated sourdough starter.   The development of the starter, 15 years ago, was the birth of European Bakery Queenstown however the history and genetics are far deeper than this.  We are the caretakers of this vital living starter that makes our sourdough one of the best in the country and we take this role seriously.

It takes time to make real sourdough, time – time for the sourdough culture to take on a distinct flavour of its own, time for the fermentation process to break down the glutens in the flour, time to handcut, craft and bake the bread.  There is no substitute for time in the making of traditional European bread and at European Bakery Queenstown we have always honoured this time committed process, that is why our bread is so good.

Not only does it taste good, it is good for you … good for the gut, good for the soul and good for our local economy.  Simply speaking the long fermentation process pre-digests the carbohydrates in the bread and the sourdough culture produces loads of nutrients while fermenting, hence those that find industrial baked breads difficult to digest find sourdough good for the gut.  The smell, the texture, the taste of real sourdough is something to be savoured, enjoyed and remembered – it is truly soul food.   We are a local, independently owned and operated bakery, we employ 18 local staff, we use local businesses in terms of equipment maintenance, brand promotion, and where we can for baking supplies, all of this means we are directly and importantly part of the local economy cycle.

Nothing can substitute passion and experience … our bakers and assistants first and foremost have a passion for bread, couple that with experience and it makes for a formidable team who care about what they do and is an absolute driver for the quality bread that the European Bakery Queenstown produces.

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